James Gardiner

James Gardiner

Product Manager, Startup Specialist, Expert at delivering value by bridging the gap between tech and non-tech

Career Highlights:
  • Co-founded Power Ethernet and launched multiple innovative integrated data networking products.
  • Designed, prototyped and managed the software development of the Power Ethernet Sockets which are active intelligent devices that are managed via the Cloud and connects the network devices and Internet of Things together becoming the backbone network for the Smart Home / Building
  • Launched BT Voice Continuity which quickly became the bestselling solution within BT’s Business Continuity portfolio and now used by 7 out of 10 UK banks (£2.5m to £6m)
  • Introduce and defined Colocation Services in 7 countries across Europe (Redbus Interhouse plc).
  • Successfully created, built and developed two major brands (Demon and Redbus).
  • Raised awareness and mass appeal of the Internet in corporate and consumer markets. (Demon)
  • Oversaw corporate communications functions during Demon’s growth rapid from £2M to £30M in 3 years.

Personal Details

About Me

Experienced product and software strategist with a background in managing technical products to ensure they meet the business requirements with hands-on experience in building and growing start-up businesses. I enjoy bridging the gap between the technical and sales and marketing teams and am comfortable communicating at all levels from software programmers and high-tech developers through to sales, customers and investors. I am fascinated in new technology and how it can be monetised while having a real benefit to our lives.


From Nov 2018 To Present

(4 years 3 months)

Hazelcast www.hazelcast.com

Product Manager

Hazelcast is a streaming and memory-first application platform for fast, stateful, data-intentive working loads.

  • Joined a month after the MVP to retool into a stable platform eCommerce platform running on on AWS
  • Hired a completely new remote development team covering frontend, backend, UI and QA
  • Set up the working practices for the developerment team
  • Responsible for product vision and delivery building a customer-centric platform
From Nov 2017 To Apr 2018

(5 months)

LexSnap www.lexsnap.com

Product Manager

LexSnap is a family law and immigration legal services platform that uses AI and natural language search capability to engage with potential clients who are evaluating their legal options. This technology helps us to provide our clients with the information they need as efficiently and transparently as possible. They can access an array of pre-prepared legal answers that often clarify the extent of their legal need and are then connected with a lawyer from our platform who is interested in their case.

  • Joined a month after the MVP to retool into a stable platform eCommerce platform running on on AWS
  • Hired a completely new remote development team covering frontend, backend, UI and QA
  • Set up the working practices for the developerment team
  • Responsible for product vision and delivery building a customer-centric platform
From Jan 2010 To Oct 2017

(7 years 9 months)

Power Ethernet www.powerethernet.com

Co-Founder, Director of Product Strategy and Software

Power Ethernet is a British innovation company that designs and develops hybrid networking convergence solutions delivered through the existing electrical mains using Powerline technology. Use cases include Home, Business, Hotels, Social Housing and Listed Properties. Power Ethernet solutions are a proven alternative to structured cabling within business deployments and creates the intelligent network backbone to the digital home. By using the existing mains wiring in the building, networking deployments become simple and costeffective, minimising disruption and downtime. Solutions are now installed in the likes of Buckingham Palace, used in rapid deployment of temporary buildings for Konstructa Portakabin through to high-end hotels including De Vere and The Royal Crescent Bath Hotel.

  • Responsible for product, software strategy and propositions for a new class of data networking devices within B2B and B2C
  • Created the business plans, investment memorandums, presentations and propositions that raised the business funding from high net investors
  • Took multiple products from prototype to launch including software, user guides, documentation, packaging, marketing communications, messaging and collateral
  • Create the go to market strategy
  • Responsible for end to end design and management of product software development from production test suites, device firmware, UI and web interfaces, mobile and desktop applications through to cloud platform and services
  • Created training material and booking platform with over 400 attendees have paid to date to become approved installers
  • Responsible for setting up all internal systems required from IT, CRM, stock management and invoicing, support ticketing, email and web
From Aug 2005 To Aug 2009

(4 years )

Resilient Networks plc www.resilientplc.com

Director of Marketing Communcations

Resilient Networks moved from selling its highly flexible telephony solutions as “boxes of tin” to a high margin recurring revenue business model by selling hosted services. Selling predominately through BT, the propositions were carefully aligned to BT’s vertical market strategy and a new continuity service was created which quickly became the fastest selling solution within BT’s Business Continuity portfolio. Revenue grew from £2.5m to £6m during that period.

  • Responsible for defining the new propositions and collateral for the new hosted environment.
  • Successfully promoted the company within BT increasing the visibility and awareness of the solutions
  • by defining and aligning the propositions to BT key markets like banking, health, police, local/central government and defence.
  • Defined the business continuity propositions and the look and feel of the customer portal.
  • Responsible for the launch of new voice continuity solutions which became the fastest selling solution within BT’s business continuity portfolio.
  • Work with sales to ensure that the MRD is in line with the marketing plan ensuring accurate and compelling product positioning and messaging.
  • Oversee and monitor marketing communication which includes public relations, events, partner comarketing, websites and analyst relations.
From Jan 2005 To Jul 2005

(6 months)

Inclarity PLC

Head of Marketing Communications

  • Ownership and development of the corporate brand across company and channels.
  • Develop, maintain and evolve marketing communications tools that increase awareness of solutions within the channel and drive increased revenue capacity at the partner level.
  • Responsible for building PR, Journalist and Analyst Relationships.
  • Managing company websites from copy, coordinating implementation and managing updates
  • Responsible for sales events, seminars and exhibitions
  • Managing relationships with external agencies including marketing, web and PR.
  • Responsible for launch plans, promotion, brochures, positioning and sales training.
From Sep 2002 To Dec 2004

(2 years 3 months)

PRNC www.prnc.co.uk

Head of Marketing Communications

  • Employed as a consultant in product management for Research Machines. Responsible for developing Connectivity Solutions, including, content generation parts and prices, billing, bids and proposals, training and sales briefings.
  • Owner of key projects including Firewalls, Spam Filtering and Web content filtering building customer requirement specification, product information through to delivery
  • Responsible for launch plans, promotion, brochures, positioning, and sales training
  • Supporting and driving the sales channels and marketing, working with sales on specials/bids, leading cross-functional teams to deliver on time and on budget.
From Jun 1998 To Aug 2002

(4 years 2 months)

Redbus Group SA

Group Communications Director

  • Responsible for development and implementation of Groups marketing and PR strategy
  • Key role at executive level in developing brand, communication and marketing strategy
  • Created formal systems and controls for all marketing and PR activity across the Group
  • Handled the negotiations involved in a £2.5Million sponsorship deal with Charlton FC
  • Developed and managed PR campaigns with agencies in 7 countries across Europe
  • Successfully launched new products and services across major European cities
  • Defined the product requirements for Redbus Interhouse’s hosting products and services
  • Leadership and management of a motivated team of business support professionals
  • Developed budgets, forecasts, targets, strategy and business systems and processes
  • Project scoping, planning, implementation, development and recourse allocation
From Apr 1995 To May 1998

(3 years 1 month)

Demon Internet www.demon.net

Head of Corporate Communications

  • Responsible for developing brand awareness, PR and communications strategy
  • Appointed to largest ISP in Europe during period when T/O grew from £2M to £30M
  • Company grew from 30 staff and 45,000 customers to 560 staff and 200,000 customers
  • Personal accountability for strategic positioning and messaging during company’s sale
  • Co-ordinated tactical implementation of weekly Trade, Press and Broadcast interviews
  • Successfully developed companies authoritative position in market and industry
  • Raised brand awareness delivering exponential growth via customer recommendation
  • Managed change involved in delivering strategy during period of dynamic growth
From Mar 1994 To Mar 1995

(1 year )

Financial Management Consultants

Technical Manager

  • Responsible for managing a team of technical computer examiners and assessors
  • Appointed to co-ordinate the production of expert witness reports for litigation
From Mar 1990 To Feb 1994

(3 years 11 months)

WordStar International

Technical Manager

  • Leadership of a multi-functional team of staff reporting to the VP of Marketing
  • Developed strategic alliances and channel partners to maximise sales opportunities
  • Evaluated new software products and solutions and introduced to the marketplace
  • Formulated strategy and business plans and product portfolio development


The following recommendations are taken from James' LinkedIn profile:

I found James extremely authoritative in his area, but equally open to new thinking and exploring different approaches. Ever resourceful, he was never afraid to do the ground work and recommend a well-founded solution or options for execution. His continued belief and passion, plus deep understanding of consumer electronic manufacturing challenges makes him an excellent ally for any business looking to bring new product to market or capitalise on expanding into adjacent markets.
Darrell Frost

Darrell FrostMarketing and Strategy Director at The Data Support Agency Ltd

As an active investor in Power Ethernet and a user of their products I got to know James well. I was always impressed by his technical knowledge, work ethic and his ability to remain focussed in the demanding and ambiguous role of a start up. He was always professional and also a pleasure to interact with.
Jamie Pike

Jamie PikeChairman at RPC Group

I have known James for several years now and periodically see him at technology related seminars and events. He has a keen interest in new technologies and likes to keep his ear to the ground and experiment with new tech as it becomes available. Although James and I only worked together briefly we were successful in our endeavours and made a good impact. It was a real pleasure working with James.
Dr Peter Thomas

Dr Peter ThomasR&D and Production Engineer at Many Pebbles

James worked in my group as a Product Manager. He picked picked things up very quickly, and developed the knowledge and connections he needed to do the job well - he was adding value in just a few days. His friendly, professional manor, and obvious enthusiasm for his subject, also gave him great credibility with clients. Very happy to recommend.
Mark Chamberlain

Mark ChamberlainProduct Director at Achilles

As an analyst covering smart home and smart buildings, I've known James for 3 years and always found his approach to be thoroughly researched, with a product strategy that is thoughtful about which areas to address and how to do that. He is also great to work with, plus very helpful and responsive.
Martin Garner

Martin GarnerSVP Internet at CSS Insight

James was our main point of contact at Power Ethernet, and was instrumental in helping us win major contracts. I have always found him to be be completely knowledgeable about network technologies, extremely helpful above and beyond that normally expected of a supplier/client relationship - and I have no hesitation in recommending him for any future technology/management role he may apply for.
Andy Greig

Andy GreigOwner, Scotaudio

I've known James for almost two years and he has always been passionate about his role; knowledgeable and highly customer focussed in the service that he has provided. He was a key contact at Power Ethernet and always provided a calm, efficient and highly effective customer service, often going the extra mile to ensure success.

James has constantly demonstrated an ability to interact in a most professional and exemplary manner and his technical knowledge and understanding has proved to be outstanding. He would be an asset to any team and has my highest recommendation.
Stewart Rowbotham

Stewart RowbothamRetired IT Professional

James understood our value proposition from the outset and worked with us to refine their product offering into our market. A really creative thinker he provided us with a level of client support second to none. I'd highly recommend James as he is without a doubt one of the good guys in life.
Chris Crockford

Chris CrockfordInnovation and technology consultant

I only had brief dealings with James, but in the short space of time I discovered his professionalism and dedication to the business was paramount. Passionate about the products he was the reason we switched over to the brand and never looked back.
Guy Harris

Guy HarrisBritish male voiceover

James worked for me when I was responsible for both sales and marketing at Resilient Networks. James was my Director of Communications, and came to the business with great experience in this regard. He was hard-working, diligent, smart and insightful. I would have no problem recommending James to another company looking for experienced marketing and communication staff.
James Foley

James FoleyProviding trusted voice communications

James’ was an outstanding Technical Services Manager and assisted with many highly complex and technical legal matters, which were destined to the High Court in London. His insight, dedication and tenacity was a real asset to FMC, and this was coupled with someone who could express themselves on the printed page in convincing argument.
Andrew Chesney

Andrew ChesneyIT Law Expert

James consistently demonstrated a unique blend of technical knowledge and understanding of the marketplace while at Wordstar. These talents not only helped the organisation develope the right products but provided tremendous assistance to the sales efforts of our various offices.
Joe Corr

Joe CorrDirector

James has a great all round knowledge of marketing disciplines, but combines this with a strong practical knowledge of business realities and technical know how. he also is a very creative and positive thinker and was great to have in your team.
Matthew Townend

Matthew TownendBoard Member, The Cavell Group

Jame's work at Wordstar was carried out in a thorough, methodical, professional manner, nothing was ever too much trouble, even explaining computers to a finance man!. I would be more than happy to give a written, or verbal endorsement for James should anyone require any further information.

Patrick BakerCompany Accountant

I had the pleasure of working with James for a number of years. I found his insightful knowledge and ability to consider the "bigger picture" invaluable when planning our product development strategy. He has excellent communications skills and the ability to get the done, without losing site of the commercial imperative.
Tony Watson

Tony WatsonFounder and CEO of Callmy Ltd


  • Product and Software Strategy
  • Product Management planning
  • Product Manager/Owner
  • Tactical and Strategic planning
  • Agile, Kahban, Scrum, LEAN, Jira, Confluence
  • Expert at translating technical detail into clear customer benefits
  • Hands on experience in building and growing start-up businesses
  • Quality Control and Implementation
  • GDPR experience

Training and Qualifications

  • Excellent knowledge of the Internet from its organisations, applications to protocols
  • MS Office, Outlook, CRM, Web, Windows, Unix, Linux power user, VoIP.
  • Programming in bash, awk, MySQL within embedded device through to cloud services
  • Experience in product and project management, agile programming practices
  • Computer literate to a high technical level
  • Salesforce.com, SugarCRM and other CRM applications